Acre: Bitcoin Staking Done Right

Acre: Bitcoin Staking Done Right

The conversation around Bitcoin is shifting towards a broader mantra than just HODLing strong. Earning returns on dormant BTC is becoming the norm for long-term holders, but the market has yet to offer a simple, clean access point to this yield.

Acre changes this, offering a Bitcoin-in Bitcoin-out staking experience with a liquid-staked BTC token to give your Bitcoin the greatest flexibility possible.

Deposit your BTC on Acre to earn an honest Bitcoin yield. Designed for transparency, Acre avoids the black box models of centralized custody providers and has everything completely verifiable on-chain. 

Each BTC deposited into Acre will mint stBTC, a liquid staked token that is 1:1 redeemable for BTC. The deposited BTC gets put to work in various yield-generating strategies across Bitcoin Layer 2s and DeFi. Your share of rewards accrues in stBTC, making it possible to remain liquid while you earn. 

While your BTC earns through Acre, you can use your stBTC to earn additional yield in DeFi, trade into another token, or earn rewards on another Bitcoin L2. Whatever you want to do, Acre’s stBTC gives you the freedom to stake, earn, and do anything else you want with your capital in the meantime. 

Today’s Staking Market

Ethereum staking’s dominance is understandable given the ETH’s prominence as the second largest cryptocurrency and the network’s major shift from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake consensus in September 2022. Staking was a long-anticipated facet of the Ethereum roadmap, and the transition to the PoS model created an opportunity for holders of ETH to lock it up, provide security to the network, and earn yield for their service.

Ethereum liquid staking growth demonstrates the untapped potential of a staking ecosystem for BTC.

The rise of ETH staking has seen a surge in value locked across staking services, none more so than Lido, which offers a liquid-staked ETH token. In a mere 3 years, Lido $28.8B TVL because it answered an unmet need: allowing those with less than 32 ETH to pool resources and earn rewards while maintaining their liquidity.

Built for Bitcoin

Long-term holders are eager to similarly earn on their BTC, and Acre fills this market gap, creating a trust-minimized and Bitcoin-first design.

Bitcoin-first means that Acre’s protocol is built on the same core tenets as Bitcoin—decentralization, accessibility, and security. Other platforms might offer forms of yield on BTC, but they often fall short of living up to those core principles. 

The Acre protocol will be governed by the DAO; not by any single entity but via the governance of participating users who hold and lock ACRE tokens.

An essential piece of the Acre architecture is tBTC, the largest decentralized Bitcoin bridge in production. tBTC is the cross-chain coordination layer for Bitcoin, giving Bitcoin wheels and making it transferable and usable across chains. All outstanding tBTC is 1:1 verifiably backed by BTC.

BTC deposited into Acre is then dispatched to yield-generating opportunities such as supported Bitcoin L2 chains. These networks use BTC for economic security via Proof of Stake consensus. Acre will run validators on this networks, accrue real yield from users paying to access Bitcoin apps, and convert the yield into BTC.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 11.42.24 AM.png

tBTC is a secure Bitcoin bridge with a robust four-year track record, providing the best foundation for Acre. With over 8,500 BTC safely bridged, tBTC demonstrates substantial user trust and system resilience. The code has been maintained as open-source since inception, ensuring continuous community verification and contribution.

Endorsed by prominent DeFi projects, underscoring its importance and utility within the ecosystem, tBTC is the right asset to use as the foundational technology for Bitcoin L2s and a key component in the Acre system.

Grow Your BTC on Acre

Acre directly supports Bitcoin to become a more productive asset and synergizes with the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem so users can make the most of holdings, all while prioritizing transparency and trust.

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